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Our vision, mission and core values

"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children" (Native American proverb)

Specialized in environmental services and awareness, we are aiming at protecting and improving the natural Maldivian land & marine environment, in order to ensure a sustainable future of the ecosystem.

Our Environmental Consultancy

  • - Environmental Impact Assessment studies (EIAs) as per the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency Male' (EPA) and the Ministry of Tourism (MoT). We are licensed for all types of EIAs but specialized in marine-related EIAs such as Establishment of Coral Nurseries, Aquaculture, over-water buildings and similar projects.
  • - Registration of Desalination and Power Plants, Environmental Audits.
  • - Environmental Monitoring, including reports mandatory as specified in EIAs.
  • - Marine and terrestrial surveys (Coral reef assessment, fish counts, shoreline beach profiles)
  • - Consultancy for the Establishment of Marine Centres in Resorts and training locals to assist marine biologists.
  • - Establishment of Artificial Reefs and Coral Nurseries - to improve the atractiveness of house reefs, enhance fish stocks, provide natural wave breakers.
  • - Non-destructive Snorkelling channels on resorts.
  • - Environmental lectures for resorts, the public and schools in the Maldives.
  • - Production of environmental literature.

Contact us

Verena Wiesbauer, MSc.

Marine Biology Consultant

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Consultant

Email: [email protected]

Call: +960 7478777

Viber/WhatsApp: +43 699 120 66058

Our Surveying Team

Beach Rock Investment Pvt. Ltd.

Our Land and Hydrographic surveying team, lead by famous Ibrahim "SHARK" Shakir.  Uncompromised dedication and expertise by a highly capable, creative and innovative team: http://www.beachrock.com.mv

Our cooperative partner resorts and clients